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Together, let's end homelessness !

At Street nurses, as a medico-social organization, we are convinced that the end of homelessness in Brussels, Liège and elsewhere is possible.

Since 2005 in Brussels, and 2019 in Liège, we have been contributing to this by providing sustainable housing for the most vulnerable homeless people in terms of health.

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[Together,] let's end homelessness ! [Together,] let's end homelessness !

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156 rehoused people
306 followed people in 2020
21182 patient procedures in 2020

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Mr L, nice but annoying

Mr L* has lived in an accommodation for a few years.

I know him very well because I was his first contact point for more than a year.

We have a relationship that works well on a professional level; we are able to work well together. And I find him a really nice person.

Mr L has a very contradictory character: he’s nice but annoying. He can sometimes be very difficult, and can say really horrible things to me.

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A quick word to Mr. B.

Mr B.*....

We have known you since 2006, but you still amaze us, despite all the hardships that life asks you to overcome.

You have had an amazing journey, you got off the streets after years, you moved into your home, you got your head out of the water, you started working again, with the goal of helping others.

And then, a few months ago, everything changed again. There was a dark period, where a lot of things accumulated and it was difficult.

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I could tell you...

Today, I would like to tell you a part of Mr. J*’s story. So much could be said.

I could tell you what a complex and confusing man he is. Exhausting at times.

I could tell you how difficult it can be for us to move forward, in terms of the administrative procedures that concern him, in terms of his condition of homelessness, in terms of his fears and anxieties.

I could explain how Mr. J. is capable of getting angry, against us, against the world, against himself.

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