With the image of a piece of cardboard entitled 'Mattress Badlük', we launch a campaign which aims, on the one hand, to make the Brussels public aware that the end of homelessness is possible and, on the other hand, to ask for the financial support necessary to be able to continue to carry out our actions to achieve it.

I, too, contribute to ending homelessness.

The figures are terrible. Brussels has more than 4,000 homeless and poorly housed people, i.e. in precarious or emergency accommodation.
In Liege, it is estimated that around 500 people sleep outside.

It is not enough to say that they have had 'Badlük'. Together we can end homelessness!


Mettons fin au sans-abrisme

For Street Nurses as for most other actors in the field, the end of homelessness is not a distant dream. For fifteen years now, we have been proving that it is really possible to get homeless people off the street, even those considered lost because they have already been there for 15 to 20 years.

Over the last ten years, IDR has been able to rehouse more than 140 people.

However, the number of homeless people does not seem to be decreasing on the streets of Brussels, quite the contrary. In this case, where does the problem lie?

For Street Nurses, it is high time that our society no longer considers it "normal" for people to live on the streets, but also that public authorities change their paradigm: that they give priority to sustainable solutions rather than "crisis management" measures, such as winter or heat wave plans, the creation of night shelters, etc.

Sortir de la rue, c'est posible


Indeed, the real solutions are to be found elsewhere. First of all, strengthening the social mechanisms that prevent people from ending up on the street, due to economic, family, mental or physical health misfortune, must ensure better prevention. Secondly, there is a need for a stronger policy of creating affordable housing for the most deprived groups in our society.

Finally, there is a need for more intensive and individual support for people who are currently homeless, as well as for those who have been rehoused, both in terms of their physical and mental health and in terms of administrative support.

Until mentalities and policies change in this direction, Street Nurses continues its work in the field, in close collaboration with its partners in the social and medical network, by supporting the most vulnerable homeless people towards their reintegration into housing and by continuing to monitor people who have already been rehoused to ensure that they do not return to the street.

Chez soi, enfin!

Budget to close

These are intensive accompaniments, which require a lot of resources, both human and financial. Although the public authorities support the organization, it has to be said that the subsidies do not at all cover the association's necessary budget.

In order to complete the budget, the support of private foundations, companies and individuals, as you, is more necessary than ever.

Your donation makes a difference!

Every donation made to the bank account of Street Nurses / Infirmiers de rue asbl is therefore extremely welcome: BE91 0014 6955 7676

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The campaign is graciously supported by companies such as KBC-Brussels, Loterie Natioanle, Goupe santé CHC, Prefer, Producteam, Hecht and Expansion as well as numerous Brussels and Liège based media.

The impact of your donation:

140 very vulnerable homeless people sustainably rehoused.

50 people annually supported to get off the streets.

A changing mentality: yes, an end to homelessness is possible!

© Pierre-Yves Jotray & Street Nurses NPO